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Find any bugs? Put them here. List your operating system if it seems the bug is OS specific. Also list how the bug can be reproduced (If applicable). Upload images if possible! Keep in mind that controller bugs could be a software problem.

If you are unsure if it's actually a bug or if it's intended put it in the "Anomalies" section.

Bugs (v0.01:01 Giant Spider)Edit

  1. Slimes can be spawned and are able to attack the player during the boss cutscene.
  2. Flame traps sometimes don't reach their full range regardless of obstacles.
  3. Occasionally when using a controller, the character will fail to respond. You can however open and browse the menu/pause-screen.
  4. Sometimes, A bot will attempt to buy an item it cannot afford, he will continue to attempt till the current game is quit.
  5. If you receive a store discount, the price of some items go into the decimal place (Not visually, only mechanically) stopping you from purchasing an item if you only have the exact ammount of money available. (NOTE: There is reason to believe that bugs 4. and 5. are linked, but it is uncertain at this point.) (Fixed in 1:02)
  6. Sometimes when a player teleports to a shop, a ghost's slimes may "Disappear". This effect is only graphical however.
    Bow Bot Bug

    Bots using Bows.

  7. Sometimes bots struggle with bows, thinking they can attack things when really they can't. This can result in the bots infinitely trying to attack things such as Red Crystals. (Fixed in 1:02)
  8. When playing a Game with the Mouse as the Controller and Ending it, Keyboard and Mouse fail during Profile Selection Screen so you have to Exit (Alt+F4 as example) to make it Work again.
  9. Dropping slimes while a bot is in the room before the boss can sometimes cause it to think that the blocked door is blocked forever and continue to knock explosive worms into it.
  10. Spike traps can sometimes get blocked by non-existing objects or walls (often near corners or in small rooms).
  11. Zombies can sometimes indefinitely regain health.

Anomalies (v0.01:01 Giant Spider)Edit

  1. Spike traps can sometimes ricochet off obstacles and move diagonally.
  2. Most traps can enter other rooms, if aligned well as the player changes area.
  3. Players going missing seemingly without warning. This is intentional, as a form of "permadeath" after losing to Kourok in the final struggle.
  4. If timed right, you can down Kourok with an exploding eyeball whilst a second one drops. Lobbing this one at his brain does no damage, currently.
  5. Sometimes controllers do not get recognized from the game, probably because of a quirk of the unity engine. The only existent way to fix this right now [and in the upcoming patches] is to just restart the game until it works again.
  6. Player can use Fetid Discharge special to break Kourok door instead of using an exploding eyeball.