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At the start of every game, all players (AI bots included) must select a god to worship. Each grants a unique bonus effect or alternate starting equipment to the player and determines which monsters they can summon as ghosts.

As an unlockable feature, players may instead choose to worship "No-one", which then prompts the player to choose a god to taunt. Doing so imposes a god-specific penalty upon the player as well as a unique monster set. This is helpful when playing with groups of differing skill, as the better players can taunt gods and let the newer players worship gods normally.

Teok Edit

From deep within the earth she rises   ~quote from game

Teok looks like an arachnid and has six red eyes. Choosing Teok gives +1 extra health to monsters.

Teok's starting monsters are:


He hides in wait, sharpening his claws   ~quote from game

Murkan looks like a rat with slightly pointed ears and red eyes. Choosing Murkan gives the human a thieving knife as a starting weapon.

Murkan's starting monsters are:

  • a dark minion 


The stench of death heralds his coming ~quote from game

Gholoth looks like a ghoul or zombie whose face is bloody and partially decayed. Choosing Gholoth grants +25% trap damage.

Gholoth's starting monsters are:

If taunted, Goloth will instead cut the health of the hero and their monsters.

Taunted Goloths's monsters are:

S'hrim (unlock)Edit

A decaying god, mostly forgotten by men   ~quote from game

S'hrim looks like an old man with greenish facial hair, yellow eyes, a big nose and a mouth with only a few yellow teeth left. Choosing S'hrim grants a 10% shop discount.

S'hrim's starting monsters are:

If taunted, S'hrim will instead give the player permanent Insanity and frog curses.

Taunted S'hrim's monsters are:

Qaahl (unlock)Edit

The twisted eye beckons   ~quote from game

Qaahl looks like a creature with a giant octopus for a head. Choosing Qaahl gives the human a cracked bow as a starting weapon.

Qaahl's starting monsters are:

If taunted, Qaahl instead drastically cuts the players health, and restricts them to using a weak bow and Hyperdash.

Taunted Qaahl's monsters are:

Glub (unlock) Edit

Dank Lord of Fertility  
 ~quote from game

Glub looks like a more hideous version of the glubfish monster. Choosing Glub lets you start with this monster, which is normally only available as an evolution of the Spikewurm. As the human, your rusted shortsword is replaced with a club. Instead of specifying a power, it says "GLUB GLUB GLUB" on the select screen.

Glub's starting monsters are:

If taunted, Glub will instead restrict the player to using only the club and Fetid Discharge for the duration of the game.

Taunted Glub's monsters are all glubfish and cannot be upgraded between floors.

Chz (unlock)Edit

The weak drink from the mighty   ~quote from game

Chz resembles a vampire. Choosing Chz grants you the Vampiric Ring effect.

Chz's starting monsters are:

Gor (unlock)Edit

Father of corrosion   ~quote from game

Gor looks like a highly decrepit, partially disintegrated human. Choosing Gor makes you bleed more easily, making you able to use certain items that grant bleed powers more easily.

Gor's starting monsters are:

If taunted, Gor will instead restrict the player to using only the basic sling for the duration of the game.

Taunted Gor's monsters are:

Odshan (unlock)Edit

Last of the great putrid serpents  ~quote from game

Odshan resembles a serpentine creature. Choosing Odshan gives you the Magic Ectoplasm and Exothermic slime abilities allowing you to store up to 4 followers as a ghost and causing your slimes to be larger (stronger?).

Odshan's starting monsters are:

Momot (unlock)Edit

Ruthless leader of beasts   ~quote from game

Momot looks like a humanoid creature wearing a tribal mask. Choosing Momot allows you to start with the Tribal Shield spell.

Momot's starting monsters are:

Xophant (unlock)Edit

Ageless blight demon   ~quote from game

Xophant resembles a bear-like beast with horns. Choosing Xophant gives you a circling shield when you are bleeding.

Xophant's starting monsters are:

Trivia Edit

There are secret gods in the game.

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