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When not playing as the hero, each player will control a ghost. Ghosts are transparent and do not collide with walls or objects, their only movement limitation is the edge of the screen. Ghosts can damage the hero by placing slimes or by possessing furniture, traps, pentagrams, monster statues, slimes, boss parts, and some chests. When the hero dies, they becomes a ghost, and the player who killed them becomes the hero.

Ectoplasm & FollowersEdit

Ectoplasm will spawn randomly on screen for ghosts to collect and many decorative objects can be possessed to spawn ectoplasm. Smashed furniture and searchable containers can spawn ectoplasm as well. When a ghost collects six ectoplasm, they gain a follower (Not to be confused with Hero Followers, the sub-category of artifacts.). By default, Ghosts can carry up to three followers at a time, and one can be placed to spawn a slime. However, artifacts can be purchased to upgrade the strength of slimes and/or the carrying capacity of a ghost.


Main article: Monsters#Slimes

Slimes are the only non-player-controlled monsters and are the only monsters that drop nothing for the player to collect when killed. Slimes move slower than any other monster and can only fire in bursts of three, unable to move or cancel until the attack is over. If not possessed, slimes will wander aimlessly, and occasionally fire towards the hero. Slimes can be possessed by any ghost to be controlled, if one player places a slime, another player can possess it; if a player possesses a slime which they did not place, the player possessing the slime will receive all credit for any kill or damage dealt by the slime, as long as they continue to possess it. When a ghost becomes the hero, all of their placed slimes that are not possessed by other ghosts will disappear. When the slime is possessed by another ghost, however, it continues to be controlled and can damage the new hero. If the ghost leaves that slime, it instantly disappears.