Kevin The Destroyer

Kevin appears as a small, floundering fish, that flip-flops his way slowly across the dungeon floor, striking terror into the hearts of all.

Gods Edit

Kevin is a tier 1 monster available to Murkan.

Evolutions Edit

Kevin can be evolved for 10 wrath to either the Greater Spikewurm, or to the Glubfish.

Attacks Edit

Kevin's primary attack is a single, slow moving bubble, that moves somewhat erratically away in the direction that you're facing. The cool down on this attack is very short, so it is possible to get a lot of them moving across the screen.

His secondary attack is a slime and slide, leaving a trail of goo that damages and slows down the hero.

Strategy Edit

Due to Kevin's slow speed, your best chance is to stay out of the hero's way, peppering your slow moving and slightly randomly moving bubbles across the screen, saving your special attack (the slime and slide) in case the hero gets too close. Hopefully your appearance will be laughable enough that you won't be noticed skulking in the corner for a while. He's very much a support monster, and will rapidly be dispensed with one on one.

Trivia Edit

Kevin the destroyer was named following a competition held by the developers, and first featured in version v0.9, which was named after him.